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Corporate Husband(Love and Chocolate Series, Book 1)

To inherit her grandfather’s chocolate company, Louisa Brannigan needs a loyal employee to marry her and keep his mouth shut.

Justin Reilly seems like the ideal candidate, until he starts changing the rules.

marry-the-doctor(Love and Chocolate Series Book 2)

Since the tragic death of his wife, Dr. Frank Brannigan has focused on raising his two daughters and furthering his medical practice, but now he’s lonely.Maybe it’s time to get married again, but how?

He doesn’t want to follow his sister’s example and hire someone. He would prefer a woman who cares more about him than his money.

If only he could find a way to keep his millions a secret.

Something Sweet(Love and Chocolate Series Book 3)

As the single parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum, Amanda doesn’t think her life is sweet.

She’s too tired, over-worked, and worried to even consider the possibility of finding love.

Then she meets charming Rick Boudreaux, the millionaire owner of Aunt Mimi’s bakery, who just might have the recipe for happily ever after.


“How can I be pregnant when I’ve never had sex?”

Kelly isn’t worried about the three weeks she can’t remember after a minor car accident — until two months later when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Obviously she had sex, although she can’t remember it now. But the important question is: who is the father?

Forgotten Honeymoon is a sweet, quirky, contemporary romance.

This is book One in my Summer Wedding Series. There is a companion novel about Kelly’s best friend Brenda who also makes a quick trip to the altar. Brenda’s story is now available.


There’s nothing wrong with an arranged marriage, as long as she does the arranging.

Having been burned by love, Brenda doesn’t believe in happily ever after.

But she wants a baby and Marius could use a green card, so she decides to take a practical approach

The M-Word is book two in the Summer Wedding Series, where two best friends both make quick trips to the altar one summer.  Book one is Forgotten Honeymoon.  They are fun, sweet romances.


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage — but Hannah’s doing it in the wrong order.

Hannah has a secret. She’s given up her dream of a traditional family and gone to a sperm bank. She’s thrilled to be pregnant, but she doesn’t want her handsome new boss Luke asking too many questions.

Luke is a high-powered trial attorney. He doesn’t have time for love, but he finds his new secretary Hannah increasingly attractive. And he senses that there’s something she’s not telling him.

Baby Comes First is a sweet, quirky, contemporary romance.

Personally, I love this story, and I had a lot of fun writing it.

Her Ex Next Door

Ginny hasn’t told anyone about her brief marriage nine years ago — not even her new fiancé.  But sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Ginny is planning to get married in six weeks, but then her ex husband Derek shows up.  Derek has always been trouble — too smart, too sexy, too unreliable.  Ginny wants nothing to do with him, but now he’s rich, and he has mischief on his mind.  Ginny does not want to trade her dreams of happily-ever-after for a guaranteed heartache.

Her Ex Next Door is a sweet, quirky, contemporary romance.


Two ordinary people . . . in extraordinary circumstances

As the divorced father of quintuplet babies, Michael doesn’t have time for love. Then he meets the girl next door.

The Baby Tree is a Christian Romance.

Love is always extraordinary.

married-to-santaCaroline has only two small problems this Christmas season.

1. She has amnesia.
2. The man who says he’s her husband thinks he’s Santa Claus.

Married to Santa is a sweet, quirky, rated PG Christmas novella.

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