Maybe You’re a Romance Reader and Don’t Know It Yet

Maybe You're a Romance Reader and Don't Know It Yet If you haven’t been into romance novels, maybe you need to rethink it. Lynette did.

Her Ex Next Door by Beverly FarrTrue story: Lynette had never read a romance novel before she read my book Her Ex Next Door.

As she says:

This was the first romance novel I ever read.  Honestly, the plot synopsis made it sound like the type of super cliché book that I would totally hate. But it wasn’t!  . . . I read this book during finals week, and it made my life so much easier.  Great Stress reliever.  It was a fun book.”  (read the rest here)

Just like Lynette, there are millions of readers out there who either (1) don’t think they will like romance novels or (2) they’ve read some romance novels that didn’t work for them.

I’m here to say, Give love a chance.

Romances are just stories about two people finding each other and working through the problems we all have until they reach a happy ending.

Sure, some romances are overly sweet, stupid or unrealistic.  But not all of them.

And some are a lot of fun.

Marry the Doctor by Beverly FarrI think mine are, and Lynette agrees.  Awhile back she reviewed Marry the Doctor, Book Two in my Love and Chocolate Series.

Every time I read a Beverly Farr book, it hits me how much I love her writing.  I always forget just how beautiful it is.  Every time I open one of her books, I get re-immersed not just in her worlds and her characters, but her masterful writing.  It pulls me in immediately. 

I thought the premise of this one was very intriguing and refreshingly different.  The characters were middle-aged, quirky and realistic.  Frank was dealing with the passing of his wife, being the single parent of two daughters, and when he finally ventures back into the dating world, he deals with countless people who are just after his fortune, and don’t actually care about him.” (read the rest here)

Thanks, Lynette.  I love it when readers appreciate what I’m trying to do.  I write clean and clever romances about smart people in difficult situations who fall in love.

Romances really can be like chocolate.  Go ahead, take a taste.

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