Something Sweet

Something SweetSomething SweetRomance Novels can be therapeutic.  Back when I used to do hours of neurodevelopmental therapy with my autistic children, I watched a lot of Cary Grant movies and read romances.  I was rarely able to read a book in one sitting because my day was chopped up with implementing therapies and taking care of those children.  But romances gave me hope that life was good and love was possible.  They were something sweet in days that often were long and discouraging.

Something Sweet is Book Three in my Love and Chocolate Series.  It is now available.  My heroine, Amanda is the single mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum.  She doesn’t think she has time for love, but the hero, Rick Boudreaux thinks otherwise.

I love this story and hope that it gives other women a break, a mental and emotional vacation.  Life is good and love is possible.

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