Living the Good Life, Hugh Howey

Hugh HoweyI have been following the writing career of Hugh Howey for several years. I first learned of his indie publishing success on a writer’s message board – He had written books before, then one short story Wool took off, inspired more short stories in that world and made boatload of money.

As I read his comments on the writer’s board and did a little research, I found many things to admire about him:

1. The writing. I read Wool and it was a lot of fun. I could see why so many people bought it and clamoured for more.

2. The relationship with his fans. Hugh Howey is one of the few authors who is able to respond to reader reviews without sounding awkward or like a jerk. His remarks are funny and clever. I remember watching a Youtube video in which he surprised some fans at a restaurant. He seems to be level headed and fun.

3. The research. Hugh Howey did some research on author earnings, analysed it and it up on a website for the world to see.  The reports and analysis are very encouraging to me. Thanks. I know this took a lot of time, effort, and probably cost as well.

But what about this fine author has recently inspired me to change my life? His Facebook page and blog Wayfinder. Hugh is currently sailing around the world. Now, I don’t have any desire to sail around the world, but I admire him for going after his dream. And more importantly, he looks great: fit and healthy and happy. Oh, and he bakes bread (I bake bread, too.)

That’s what I want – to be a writer and to be fit and healthy. So he’s inspired me to get out more and exercise. I’m going to eat better and lift a few weights. I don’t think I will ever post pictures of myself in a swimsuit – but I am going to post pictures of myself living a fit, happy life. Today is Day 1 of Living a Better Life.

So thanks, Hugh, for the inspiration.

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