My Husband Loves Mr. Collins

Mr. CollinsI don’t know if my husband knew what kind of Jane Austen fanatic I was when he married me. But once the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice was available on VHS tape, he knew there was a problem.

I watched that miniseries multiple times and eventually he watched some, too. His favorite character is Mr. Collins. Since then he has watched several other versions with me and when he walks by and I’m watching some P&P, he’ll say, “When does Mr. Collins show up?”

Last year, when I started writing Pride and Prejudice Variations, he was one of my beta readers, looking for typos (Thank you, sweetie.) He decided that in order to understand the genre better, he would read the original Pride and Prejudice. He read it and enjoyed it.

Each of the Mr. Collins I have watched has a slightly different personality. Here’s my take on them:

1980 – cheerful doofus

1995 – ingratiating

2005 – heart breakingly awkward

Lost in Austen – creepy

And apparently Matt Smith is hilarious in the new P&P and Zombies movie. One of these days my husband and I will have to see it.

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