Praising Hugh Howey

I’ve been reading articles by Hugh Howey, author of the best selling science fiction series Wool, for several months.  He’s an indie writer who recently sold print rights to some of his books and is doing quite well.  I liked his pleasant personality and his advice on the craft and the business of writing, so eventually I became curious and downloaded the first book in his series.

I liked it.  Not as much as I like a basic romance, which is my favorite genre, but I liked it.  There was one sentence I particularly liked.  The main character is thinking about his wife, who has some sort of IT job in a futuristic world.

Holston still didn’t understand how the retrieval process worked, or why someone smart enough to come up with it was dumb enough to love him, but he accepted both as truth.”

There it was — the hint of romance that rang emotionally true.  At that point, the story became more than just an interesting futuristic world — I started to care about the hero and his wife,  and wanted to know more about them.

Sometimes that’s all it takes — a line of dialogue or an insightful observation.  Suddenly something made-up seems real.  That’s why I read fiction. 

Nice work, Hugh.

Now I’m going to buy the rest of the series.  


For those who are  interested, here’s the link to get part one of Wool free on Amazon: 

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